MGA Student 2013-14
  • Matte Painting UNIT 69

    Artist: Frederic St-Arnaud

    Frederic is a famous Matte Painter who works on hollywood movies like Sin City; Silent Hill,  Indiana Jones and The Day The Earth Stood Still, he has been doing this for 12 years and already has an amazing portfolio.

    “Matte-painting perfectly combines my three passions: illustration, cinema and new technologies. “

    From a very young age Frederic loved to draw and hasn’t stopped since! He says that some people dont know what they want to do when they get older but Frederic knew instantly what he was going to do, it was very easy for him although he didn’t start out being a matte artist he started as a story board artist in 1997 only to discover matte painting in 2001 and that he felt that job was made for him.

    He gets hes inspiration from movies that he has seen and also cartoons and TV series, he admires science fiction and fantastic stories which you can tell by looking at hes work:



    Fredric claims he’d never leave the movie industry because he is a “movie buff” but he does go on to say the video game industry is very attractive for its imaginative content and there are no limits to games because everything is digital!

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  • Task 2: Ideas/Proposal

    What I will do:

    I will be creating a 3D environment or this project, I will need to gather a theme/map and texturing ideas then create a sketch of the environment and move that to illustrator or photoshop and then finally to maya to make it 3D, to finish this project.

    Equipment needed:

    • Computer
    • Internet Connection, Tutorials and videos
    • Sketch book and pencil
    • Photoshop and Illustrator
    • Maya for modelling and rendering


    • Insane hospital, I would have a long hallway with cells on each side some doors open some not, Writing on the wall in blood and props in the world for example beds; wheelchairs, drink cans and broken floor tiles etc. id also like a light in the building to flicker as if it was lose wiring and every time it does flicker it would be complete darkness.


    • Another idea id like to do would be a city or part of a city in a post apocalyptic state with vegetation growing out of the roads and up the sides of buildings with most of the city broken away and empty, cars rusted and cracked roads.


    • Final idea would be an office complex with cubicles and offices but it will be like idea 1 where there is a light that will flicker every now and again, props would be printers; computer towers, desks etc. I am mainly going to do the first idea.



    • Week 1

    Research and setup.

    • Week 2


    • Week 3-10

    Production (Modeling and texturing)

    • Week 10-11


    • Week 12


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  • Unit 69: Research.

    What is concept art: Concept art is mainly to display a visual representation of an idea for movies; video games and comic books before it is put into final production, It helps show what the final product will actually look like for the artists themselves and the public, it is to develop the feel and look of the project almost like a foundation to what they want to create.

    most concept artists will create a sketch and give them to the modeler where as others will do every step of the design making it very detailed, art directors hire multiple artists to create concept art so they have a wide range of different designs.


    This is concept art from a game called half life 2, this creature is called an “Alien Assassin” they had created the animations for it like running; walking, climbing and idling etc but for some reason they scrapped the idea and replace this with the “Fast Zombie” as shown below,image

    the animations were given to this character instead because they thought it would fit well with the concept of the game and so replacing the Alien Assassin with the Fast Zombie and was put into the final game.


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  • Task 1: Project setup/Research: Unit 68.

    To start creating a 3D environment you would need background information of the game or movie you will be working on to get an idea of what the environment will look like and how you can make it unique, they styles; genre, colour, space etc. 

    Research is one of two main parts in creating a 3D environment as stated above you will need to gather the information you gained from background checking the client, now you know what they want you can adapt that and input your own ideas and inspiration opening the clients eyes and showing them their idea blown up and altered into something better and more appealing to others.

    Planning is the second part where you list all the things you will need to focus on and put together, or example a birds eye view map of where the buildings will go on the map or where other scenery objects will go, you will also have to focus on lighting if you have a room other than outside, the final part is production where you bring the idea into real life.